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Bachelor's degree Thesis

Characterization of the BARI Front End Electronics for the ALICE Muon Trigger

  • Measurements of efficiency curves, cluster sizes and working points for amplified FE-equipped Resistive Plate Chambers detectors;
  • Setup of the test bench in INFN Laboratory in Torino
  • Study of the dependence of the cluster size with respect to the HV value
  • Study of the dependence of the efficiency curve with respect to the applied signal threshold







Master's degree Thesis

Optimization of the muon identification algorithm for the ALICE Muon Trigger

  • Study of the matching efficiency
  • Development of a new method which can reduce the performance drop by being able to resolve multiple muons crossing the same Local Board of the Muon Trigger System
  • Study of the performances of the old and the new method with both pp and Pb-Pb real data using GRID tasks
  • Study of the correct identification efficiency and misidentification rate using pp and Pb-Pb MC production both in centrality and pT classes








PhD ongoing work

 Ongoing PhD program:

  • Performance study for the RPCs of the ALICE muon trigger system in 2010-2016, and search for ageing effects
  • Study of  production in Pb-Pb collisions at  in the  channel at forward rapidity:
    • Computation of the reference pp cross-section using interpolated LHC-b data
    • Evaluation of the Muon Trigger systematics using custom MC simulations and real data with GRID-executed tasks
    • Achievement of preliminary results presented in major conferences
    • Member of the paper committee for the related paper
  • Actively involved in the development of the new Online and Offline software infrastructure for the muon trigger in view of the LHC Run 3:
    • Code optimization and porting of existing code
    • Programming custom software for the processing of detector data
    • Involved in the development of DQM And DAQ tool for data acquisition and data quality monitoring
  • Developer of a framework capable of automatic and efficient download of Muon Trigger DCS data from OCDB and AMANDA channels:
    • Automatic and copy-less download and compression mechanisms
    • Committed code with standard routines and methods for standard operations and analysis aimed at reducing bug derived entropy in different analysers' results
    • Definition of a compressed data format for faster and simpler data sharing and exchange
    • Definition of a TTree-based custom vector with out-of-RAM buffering
    • Definition of a markdown-based file format to describe which kind of plots the automatic routine should generate and the plots' characteristics
    • Future development aimed at porting this DCS analysis code as a standard for all the ALICE detectors and systems

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