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Prof. Massimo Emilio Maffei

Professore Ordinario


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  • Unità di Fisiologia Vegetale
    Dip. Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi
    Via Quarello, 15/A
    10135 Torino
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Several research activities are done by the Plant Physiology group:


A) Plant-herbivore interactions (Model system is Phaseolus lunatus-Arabidopsis thaliana-Medicago truncatula/Spodoptera littoralis.Early events in plant-herbivore interaction, signal transduction pathways [Electrophysiology, Calcium, CdPKs, ROS], enzyme activity, gene expression).

B) Plant-pathogen interactions (Model systems Pseudomonas spp./Arabidopsis thaliana; Botrytis cinerea/Arabidopsis thaliana; Magnaporthe grisea/Orhyza sativa.Early events in plant-pathogen interaction, signal transduction pathways [Electrophysiology, Calcium, ROS], enzyme activity, gene expression, metabolomics.

C) Plant-environment interactions (Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana-Mentha piperita. UV-B effect on gene expression of terpenoid pathway and ROS scavenging systems, trascriptomics, genomics, metabolomics).

D) Multitrophic plant interactions (Model systems the simultaneous effect of A, B and C)

E)  Effects of geomagnetic field on plant growth and development (Model plant is Arabidopsis thaliana, transcriptomics and genomics by means of qRT-PCR and Microarray analyses, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy)

 F) Chemical , biochemical and molecular characterization of bioactive compounds in toxic, halluginogenic and medicinal plants (Model plants Boswellia spp., Commiphora spp. Isolation and biological activity on new compounds)


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